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Oxygen fresheners refill - Sky breeze scent

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Oxygen fresheners refill - Sky breeze scent

│ Description │

Oxygen is ...

Prevent drowsiness and, in particular, within the cell to produce energy is supplied to the brain by activating
the brain, improving concentration and thinking skills, and the important features to ease the headache.

│ Function │

When you need oxygen fresheners

- When purchasing a new car
- Infants, children, and when a lot of car rides
- Often feel drowsy while driving, or when smoking
- When a long service vehicles
- My children and my office, study room and bedroom
- Bathroom / toilet and an enclosed space

│ Feature │

Key Features

- Oxygen generation
- Carbon dioxide removal
- Formaldehyde / sulfur dioxide / nitrogen dioxide removal
- Smoke / toxic gas removal
- Dust / particulate matter decontamination
- The finest aroma